After a luxurious respite at the finest auberge Buenos Aires has to offer, the adventure begins in El Chalten, the jumping off point for intrepid trekkers who hike from pastoral mountain vistas into the increasingly icy terrain.

As you Venture into the heart of the Argentine Patagonia’s glacier fields, you will traverse some of the world’s most surreal landscapes by crampons.

With the crisp, invigorating glacial air filling your lungs, and the crunch of ice beneath your feet as your crampons gain purchase, you will scale the legendary frozen crags and bleached-white panoramas of Marconi Pass, Viedma Glacier and Paso de los Cinco Glaciers. Few in this world ever get to see, let alone experience the rare adventure and breathtaking views that make our exclusive glacier discovery truly extraordinary.

Please note this is a strenuous winter hiking adventure.